About Sinkron

Sinkron is a Learning Service provider with a focus on Communication Skills Development. The learning approach is more practical, it sycronizes knowledge, skills and experiences supported by Communication practitioners in Media, Public Relation and Corporate Communication

We are excited to welcoming our future digital application in 2021!

Communication Digital Apps to manage various events with different features including event agenda, participants’ profiles, event details, engagement tools and others to synchronize all participants and organizer with the event in one application.

Learning Method and Approach

Adult Learning (Andragogy)

Active participation of all learning participants with a combination of group activities, role play, communication practice, coaching and case study. The proportion is 30% theory and 70% practical


Exciting learning approach with elements of game playing such as point scoring, competition, and game play. Indoor games for example LEGO and outdoor games both traditional and modern are available to enrich the learning experiences


Outbound program with the focus on team building through various outdoor activities including outdoor games, sport and team challenge.

Programs: outbound games, rafting, hiking, tracking, glamping, island hopping and amazing race

“Positive mindset is a start towards effective communication”

Adhitya Maulana
Founder of Sinkron